Whispers of Dragons

2015 Mar 8

Draked over the coals

The party finished exploring the lair of the red dragon and found notes leading to two more kobold warrens.

The first proved to be empty.

The second one proved to be full.

The first room the party entered contained two rage drakes and two large lizard-men (Identified by Angelo as Dracotaurs after a few minutes communing with the orb after the battle). A fierce battle ensued, with Invisible Angelo repeatedly casting curative magic into the Weave as the monsters tore into the party. Every member of the party except Nya was unconscious and bleeding on the floor at least once, with Thatcher winning the drama queen title for having made it to -9 HP (Gwydion and Arastina both got to -8). With good timing, the battle ended with the party at full health, but rather diminished in spell power.

No treasure aside from some large gear from the lizard men was found.
2x[MW chain shirt, battle axe, hande axe], size large.

6 HD 2,775
5 HD 3,038
7 HD 2,198

The party members should now be at 20,675, level 7 at 21,000.
Hutz is now at 11,238, and thus gains a HD.
Glory is now at 19,575, needing 21,000 for a HD.
Bright is now at 24,598, needing 28,000 for a HD.


I saw what you did there.

2015 Mar 8
RurouniKakita RurouniKakita

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