Whispers of Dragons

2015 Feb 8

Death avoided and inflicted

Angelo saves the day

As it turned out, the party did not die at the end of the previous adventure log. Acting quickly, Angelo cast a spell granted by the orb which prevented death for a few rounds, then hid with Azura. The blue dragon announced his annoyance and returned to the banquet hall, having better things to do with his time (like quell an incipient uprising). As screams (and probably wisps of smoke) arose from the banquet hall, Angelo and Azura returned to the battlefield, and administered healing magic to the fallen, except Hang, who was not part of the death prevention spell.

The party quickly left the palace, returned to their room, gathered their belongings and lizard cats, and left the city by the nearest exit. As they traveled they saw the blue and red dragons, presumably carrying Alastair, heading toward the capital. Angelo announced that he was aware that the other two orbs (the blue dragon’s having been identified as the Orb of Io) were near each other.

The Verdant Lord in Winter

Looking for a refuge, the party traveled to the nearest Seelie enclave, and after an exchange of news it was decided that the next step was to eliminate the persistent threat of the Verdant Lord. In coordination with the Seelie Fey an attack was launched on his camp; he and his Wendigo bodyguards were eliminated, and there was much rejoicing.


XP gained was as follows:
Each PC got 1,800, bringing our total to 17,900; 21,000 are needed for Level 7.
Hutz got 2,200, bringing his total to 8,200; 10,000 are needed for his next hit die.
Glory got 1,800, bringing her total to 16,800; 21,000 are needed for her next hit die.
Bright got 1,400, bringing his total to 22,400; 28,000 are needed for his next hit die.

Loot gained was as follows:
A Staff: Expended Staff of the Woodlands, which anyone can use to cast Pass Without Trace.
A Wand: 35 Charges of Magic Missile, CL 5, now carried by Nya.
2,070 GP, divided by 9 is 230 each for the party, the party fund, and the 3 dragons.
5 potions: Aid, Bless Weapon, Blur, Cure Light, and Protection from Arrows. These are at present in the Bag of Holding.
Four scrolls:
Arcane: Detect Thoughts, Sleep
Arcane: Silent Image, Detect Thoughts, Blur
Divine: Undetectable Alignment, Charm Person
Divine: Shillelagh, Cure Moderate

Mighty (+ 4) Composite Longbow + 1 (awarded to Thatcher)

Rod: Metamagic: Silent: Lesser

Ranseur + 2: Sheds light in a 20’ radius as a torch

2015 Feb 8
RurouniKakita Dean_Ubernerd

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