Whispers of Dragons

2015 Feb 22

Kobolds and their large friend

Returning from the Verdant Lord’s glade, the party stopped to visit the Seelie Fey warren and rested up. From the Seelie they obtained directions to the remaining kobold warren. Upon reaching this, they found it to be abandoned.

Following the trail left by the kobolds, the party found an underground complex high in the mountains. A little exploration and evasion of traps later, they found a room containing numerous kobolds and one red dragon. The battle having been split in two by a Stinking Cloud cast by Arastina, the lizard cats played with the majority of the kobolds like cats with mice; the party engaged the red, and drove him to retreat after a stiff battle.


Treasure gained

3912 GP (389 each)
6 gems: Blue Opal, Gold Topaz, White & Red Onyx, Tiger’s Eye, Flourite, Ziose.
2 potions: Bear’s Endurance, Pass without Trace
3 scrolls, all arcane
Cat’s Grace, Blur, MIrror Image (all CL 3)
Identify (CL 1), Knock (CL3), Blur (CL 3)
Detect Undead (CL 1)
3 wands
Burning Hands (CL1) 22 charges
Daylight (CL 3) 3 charges
Silence (CL3) 37 charges

XP unknown

2015 Feb 22
RurouniKakita Dean_Ubernerd

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