Whispers of Dragons

2015 Jan 19

Goodbyes of a sort, and hello

Personal Growth

After several months of research, Angelo devised a spell which solved the problem of the multiple personalities. The spell did not remove or transfer the alter egos, but rather merged them into the original personality, which dominated the new mind. As it turned out there was no second soul involved, just a second mind.

The spell worked.

  • Angelo gained Warblade weapon proficiency and two Int-based class features from Esmerelda.
  • Arastina gained Fighter weapon proficiency, Dwarven weapon proficiency, and two feats from Berrona, the two feats being Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot.
  • Nya gained the abilities of a first level Warmage from Harmony.
  • Thatcher gained the abilities of a first level Ardent from Huck.

The party found tenants to lease their farm and set off with the dragons and Cleopatra to find Gwydion, guided by Divination spells cast by Angelo. The spells led them to head towards the capital of Tiaadan.

Hang Ten

The party crossed into Tiaadan through Ferin Shay. As they were almost ready to exit the town, they heard a commotion behind them, and turned to see one running man with a glaive being pursued by 9 men with bastard swords. Nya decided the pursuing men were Not Nice and, acting quickly, turned the glaive bearer invisible and whispered to him to step aside. The pursuers ran out through the gate, passing right by the party.

Nya appeared shortly after the glaive bearer reappeared. A quick trip found them a tavern table. Introductions were made, the sad tale of the death of Lord Ferdinand was told, and after some debate in Elven Hang was allowed to join the party for the rest of their journey to the capital. It appears, much to the dismay of Thatcher, that Azura killed Lord Ferdinand, which means that Hang intends to kill Azura to avenge his late lord.

A couple of hours out of town the 9 men with bastard swords caught up to the party. Insults were exchanged, battle commenced, and the party dispatched their foes with dispatch. One prisoner was taken; interrogations revealed him to be a low information mook, and he was left in a tree to be subsequently eaten by a bear. It is to be hoped the poor bear did not develop indigestion.

Cooking at the palace

Upon arriving at the capital and securing lodging, the party learned from Divination that Gwydion might be found at the palace itself. Leaving the dragons inside a Rope Trick, the party went to the palace and sought employment as cooks. Having been hired by the most annoying adviser ever, the party began working in the kitchen preparing a meal for a royal feast for the nobility. On her way to the wine cellar Arastina spotted Azura working among the wait staff. This information was passed to the others, in Elven to leave Hang ignorant. It is thought that perhaps Gwydion is also there, but Arastina did not spot him.


I don’t know our XP now; perhaps Aaron can supply that information.
Loot gained was 9 bastard swords, 9 chain shirts, and 520 gold (65 gp each).

2015 Jan 19
RurouniKakita Dean_Ubernerd

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