They inspire awe and wonder. It is said they could raze a village or raise up a kingdom and if the stories are half true then why hasn’t anyone ever seen one. It is a time of relative stability in the world. for all of recorded history there has been struggling, nations rose and fell as the sun rises and sets, entire races came close to extinction all because sometime before recorded history magic got to powerful. It wasn’t until 1500 years ago that the world as the players know can into existence. Through hard work and the diplomacy of a few very crafty men three human nations came into existence and agreed to leave the other races in relative peace.

The Tiiadan Empire, the most militaristic and extremely wary of the Arcane arts. No formal magic training exists and the only acceptable magic in the community is that of divine origin, since it is seen as a gift from the gods. This is a nation of discipline and law where those who obey are rewarded and those who seek to upset society are punished, severely.

The nation of Kadesh is a grand experiment. Ruled by the people for the people it is a evolving republic where the rule of law is malleable and can vary from one person in power to the next. There is no country laws on the use of magic, it leaves those laws to the various provinces and cities. Some provinces and cities have outlawed the all but the magics that come from the gods, a few have great schools where the Arcane is taught.

The nation of Yetobena is a traditional monarchy that has a very large farming population. While not as militaristic as the Tiiadan Empire they have the ability to raise up a large force should the need arise.

Whispers of Dragons

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