Tiiadan Empire

The Tiiadan Empire is the largest of the three human nations and is ruled by an emperor. The Emperor is is typically the first born child of the current Emperor, if no suitable heir is available then the highest ranking military officer is appointed. Compared to any other nation it has the most well defined military machine in the world and actually has laws that define the minimum size of the military.

Here is some common knowledge points that anyone with an Intelligence of 6 or more would know:

  • The current law states that it must be equal to 4-5% of the population since the last census was taken, a census is taken every 5 years. This is in contrast to the next largetst standing military of Yetobena that takes 3% and their population is smaller. Kadesh is smaller still at just 1% but what they lack in martial might they makeup for in arcane might.
  • If the minimum is not met regions with the lowest percentage turn out are first to be drafted from.
  • Any region forced to hold a draft is done by lotto.
  • A citizen only needs to complete one term in the military barring the outbreak of a war or incufficent numbers.

The country is broken up into 12 regions ruled over by an administrator. This administrator is also the military commander for the region. The administrator reports directly to the Emperor and is responsible to providing accurate census data.

The most common classes seen in the region in order are Commoner, Warrior, Expert, and Aristocrat.

The Current Emperor has been in power for 50 years since his father died. The order of ascension has been muddled since his twin children, a boy and a girl, were born 17 years ago. Common theory states that they will share the throne.

The arcane arts are fairly taboo in this country but there are no formal laws against their practice. The military finds them useful but has yet to meet a force their main martial army can’t defeat. All neutral and good deities are welcome but typically those favoring fighters and battle are held in higher regard.

The country maintains good relations with the Dwarves to the north, neutral relations with the Elves to the west, and strained relations with Kadesh in the south due to destroyed settlements.

Tiiadan Empire

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