Whispers of Dragons

Chapter 1: Session 5 - The family reunion conspiracy.

After they defeated the kobold druid and his warren the party decided the best course of action was to research the journal they found at some of the academies in Kadesh so they set out for the shared city of Ferin Sha. As they drew closer to the city they noticed a large caravan heading for the main gate. Electing to try and enter a bit faster by entering through one of the secondary gates they are only briefly questioned by an uninterested guard and proceed into the city. Finding lodging and starting the search for better martial equipment Thatcher spotted a very familiar face, the face of his lost sister.
Following this person reveals that it is indeed Thatcher’s sister but she manages to slip away in the crowd that had gathered to welcome the crowned prince of Tiiadan. While being held by the soldiers in the area and arrow strikes the prince with great precision leaving him perilously close to death. After being interrogated by a high inspector and revealing that they had a past link to the shooter but not revealing that they think the shooter was Thatcher’s sister, they are told that the city is closed and nothing will be let out or in.
Returning to their inn the party rests for the night and attempt to finish their shopping the next day but are interrupted by a man with a grievance to air. Unfortunately he decided to air it with explosives and destroyed one of the bridges between Kadesh and Tiiadan in the city. This drew the party into an situation where if they ever wanted to get into the Kadesh side of Ferin Sha they would have to ensure the bridges where safe before they would be reopened. This led them into the murky realm of local rebellious groups. Finding out that Thatcher’s sister Azura could possible be working for one of these groups they set out. Finding one group with a grudge against the prince because they wanted his sister on the throne the once again encountered Azura, who proved just how effective she could be with a bow by putting down both Thatcher and Nya with one shot each. After an intense fight she was finally subdued and they party found out that the group that hired her was basically a front for the Garrison commander to eliminate the prince. As Gwyidion and Angelo relayed their findings to the Royal Guard accompanying the prince the rest of the party made sure that Azura wasn’t going anywhere.


XP for this session and last session (Includes all Kobold warren encounters)


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