Whispers of Dragons

2015 Jan 14

A Party Divided

At the end of the last session Gwydion was kidnapped by Lunar Ravagers, with two carrying him off and two lying dead on the forest floor. This session began with the party split in two.

The Adventures of the Four (the Eight?) Part 1

On the way to the Shyr residence, the party encountered two medium giants. As Will saves had it, the only person in their right mind was Arastina, the rest of the party being possessed by their alter egos. Arastina proceeded to display near-total ineptitude which was exceeded by Esmeralda’s total ineffectuality. Fortunately, Harm and Huck rose to the occasion and Astral Constructs and Scorching Rays saved the day.

The rest of the journey passed uneventfully. Arriving at the Shyr residence they were introduced to Artemis Shyr, Angelo’s father, who found everything about the alter ego swapping fascinating – the actual persons involved were not so interesting. He was unable to offer a solution to the dual persona problem.

The scene then shifted back to Gwydion.

The Adventures of the One (the Two?)

On the first morning after capture, Rayntheor awoke rather than Gwydion, and the subsequent confusion meant that the escape attempt was a failure. The next morning Gwydion awoke, but he was carried into the camp of the Vernal Lord. After an exchange of pleasantries, Gwydion challenged the Lord to a duel, and although he acquitted himself with honor and struck several powerful blows, he was defeated – and then a foul enchantment was laid upon him, and he lost all memory of his past life.

The Adventures of the Four, Part 2

After a few weeks the dragon eggs hatched. The dragons were as follows:

  • A male silver named Bright.
  • A male Brass named Hutz.
  • A female Bronze named Glory.

The four decided that they could not rescue Gwydion since they did not know where he was. Angelo’s suggestion that the first priority was to rid themselves of the alter egos carried the day, and the party decided to travel to a city in Kadesh where a university specializing in Enchantment was located. In order to hide the dragons, it was decided by Nya’s suggestion to purchase a farm, and this has been done.

Nya did send a letter to her brother Garnet asking for his help in locating Gwydion, and telling him approximately where we were headed.


The party XP at the end of this session was 16,500.

I’m going to try to keep the log going (with XP totals).

2015 Jan 14
RurouniKakita Dean_Ubernerd

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