Whispers of Dragons

2015 Feb 1

Red Banquet, Blue Death

The party (including Hang) made numerous attempts to catch up to Azura or Gwydion prior to the banquet. All these efforts proved fruitless.

During the banquet, Azura and Gwydion appeared at windows that no one in the party had heretofore noticed, and respectively shot the Prince through the head and Eldritch Blasted the Princess into a hot mess. At this moment the Annoying Adviser turned and fired a lightning bolt into the Emperor, and thus the royal succession was successfully settled. Nya and Angelo flew toward windows, Thatcher climbed the tapestries, and Hang and Arastina found that the doors (which the staff had been using continually throughout the banquet to serve food and drink) were mysteriously locked, presumably from the inside since no one on the outside had a key to them. No one in the party had noticed this either.

In order to calm the crowd the Annoying Adviser emitted a blast of electricity and turned 16 nobles into little piles of ash. This did succeed in getting them all under their chairs.

Nya came to Arastina’s rescue and picked the lock on that particular door. The guards came in, and Nya and Arastina went out. At about the same time Hang succeeded in battering down his door; the guards came in right over the top of Hang.

Nya and Arastina made a run for it. The Annoying Adviser pursued, and beat them to the palace gate using some sort of teleport magic. Nya flew on, and Arastina told the AA that Angelo had the orb – at which point he began trying to kill her. Nya returned, and while Angelo restored Gwydion and Azura to their right minds Nya and Arastina dueled the AA. Hang had hit a dead end, retraced his steps, and run toward the entrance to the palace, arriving on the scene at about the same time that Azura, Gwydion, Thatcher, and Angelo entered from a different direction.

Hang was the first to die, blasted into ashes by an Orb of Electricity. The AA turned into a blue dragon, which surprised exactly no one, and after some more combat attempted to seize Angelo and fly off. Angelo escaped with his own teleport + a transformation; the dragon landed in a position where most of the party was in a line, and offered to exchange their lives for the Orb. Angelo declined (who trusts an evil dragon?); the dragon emitted a bolt of lightning; and Nya, Arastina, Cleopatra, Thatcher, and Gwydon all died painful deaths.

Azura and Angelo fled into the palace as the corpses dropped to the palace courtyard. The Orb of Metallic Dragons offered condolences of a sort, keeping the souls from ascending to the hereafter.


No idea if we receive XP for losing a battle …

2015 Feb 1
RurouniKakita Dean_Ubernerd

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