Whispers of Dragons

2015 May 17

4,559 gold coins (4,559 gp)
agni mani (10.3 gp)
amber (orange) (41.7 gp)
apatite (violet) (47.7 gp)
azurite (royal blue) (8.7 gp)
azurite (royal blue) (12.5 gp)
balas ruby (pink spinel) (1,218.6 gp)
boulder opal (brown) (734.8 gp)
brown spinel (521.7 gp)
celestite (clear milky whites to yellows and pale blues) (41.1 gp)
clear fluorite (crystals are like intertwined blocks) (6.7 gp)
colorless sapphire (clear corundum) (1,078.1 gp)
disthene (7.4 gp)
elbaite (green tourmaline) (101.7 gp)
enstatite (olive green stubby crystals) (37.7 gp)
heliodore (gold-colored beryl) (728.6 gp)
hyaline (10 gp)
jade (any color, comes in masses and not crystals) (59.6 gp)
jet (black, sometimes called ‘black amber’) (18.3 gp)
kunzite (pink spodumene) (60.4 gp)
malacon (47.3 gp)
moonstone (green) (164.7 gp)
moss agate (15.9 gp)
onyx (black) (39.3 gp)
onyx (layers of various shades of red, pink, orange/brown and honey yellow) (92.3 gp)
ophealine (5.7 gp)
red garnet (756.3 gp)
red jasper (red with green flecks) (18.8 gp)
rutilated quartz (yellow and red random patterns in clear quartz) (11.3 gp)
silver sheen obsidian (8.2 gp)
yellow fluorite (crystals are like intertwined blocks) (9.9 gp)
zoiste (clear) (91.3 gp)
zoiste (gray) (78.1 gp)
potion of cat’s grace (300 gp)
oniony odor/taste
oily, translucent appearance
potion of cure light wounds (50 gp)
meaty odor/taste
oily, phosphorescent appearance
potion of cure light wounds (50 gp)
vinegary odor/taste
bubbling, layered appearance
potion of magic fang (50 gp)
greasy odor/taste
watery, flecked appearance
potion of protection from arrows 10/magic (300 gp)
sugary odor/taste
effervescent, layered appearance
arcane (200 gp)
Floating Disk (l1, cl1)
Levitate (l2, cl3)
Identify (l1, cl1)
arcane (150 gp)
Web (l2, cl3)
arcane (300 gp)
Knock (l2, cl3)
Blindness/Deafness (l2, cl3)
divine (150 gp)
Aid (l2, cl3)
Cat’s Grace (l2, cl3) (22 charges) (1,980 gp)
Heward’s handy haversack (2,000 gp)
Murlynd’s spoon (5,500 gp)

2015 Mar 8
Draked over the coals

The party finished exploring the lair of the red dragon and found notes leading to two more kobold warrens.

The first proved to be empty.

The second one proved to be full.

The first room the party entered contained two rage drakes and two large lizard-men (Identified by Angelo as Dracotaurs after a few minutes communing with the orb after the battle). A fierce battle ensued, with Invisible Angelo repeatedly casting curative magic into the Weave as the monsters tore into the party. Every member of the party except Nya was unconscious and bleeding on the floor at least once, with Thatcher winning the drama queen title for having made it to -9 HP (Gwydion and Arastina both got to -8). With good timing, the battle ended with the party at full health, but rather diminished in spell power.

No treasure aside from some large gear from the lizard men was found.
2x[MW chain shirt, battle axe, hande axe], size large.

6 HD 2,775
5 HD 3,038
7 HD 2,198

The party members should now be at 20,675, level 7 at 21,000.
Hutz is now at 11,238, and thus gains a HD.
Glory is now at 19,575, needing 21,000 for a HD.
Bright is now at 24,598, needing 28,000 for a HD.

2015 Feb 22
Kobolds and their large friend

Returning from the Verdant Lord’s glade, the party stopped to visit the Seelie Fey warren and rested up. From the Seelie they obtained directions to the remaining kobold warren. Upon reaching this, they found it to be abandoned.

Following the trail left by the kobolds, the party found an underground complex high in the mountains. A little exploration and evasion of traps later, they found a room containing numerous kobolds and one red dragon. The battle having been split in two by a Stinking Cloud cast by Arastina, the lizard cats played with the majority of the kobolds like cats with mice; the party engaged the red, and drove him to retreat after a stiff battle.

2015 Feb 8
Death avoided and inflicted

Angelo saves the day

As it turned out, the party did not die at the end of the previous adventure log. Acting quickly, Angelo cast a spell granted by the orb which prevented death for a few rounds, then hid with Azura. The blue dragon announced his annoyance and returned to the banquet hall, having better things to do with his time (like quell an incipient uprising). As screams (and probably wisps of smoke) arose from the banquet hall, Angelo and Azura returned to the battlefield, and administered healing magic to the fallen, except Hang, who was not part of the death prevention spell.

The party quickly left the palace, returned to their room, gathered their belongings and lizard cats, and left the city by the nearest exit. As they traveled they saw the blue and red dragons, presumably carrying Alastair, heading toward the capital. Angelo announced that he was aware that the other two orbs (the blue dragon’s having been identified as the Orb of Io) were near each other.

The Verdant Lord in Winter

Looking for a refuge, the party traveled to the nearest Seelie enclave, and after an exchange of news it was decided that the next step was to eliminate the persistent threat of the Verdant Lord. In coordination with the Seelie Fey an attack was launched on his camp; he and his Wendigo bodyguards were eliminated, and there was much rejoicing.

2015 Feb 1
Red Banquet, Blue Death

The party (including Hang) made numerous attempts to catch up to Azura or Gwydion prior to the banquet. All these efforts proved fruitless.

During the banquet, Azura and Gwydion appeared at windows that no one in the party had heretofore noticed, and respectively shot the Prince through the head and Eldritch Blasted the Princess into a hot mess. At this moment the Annoying Adviser turned and fired a lightning bolt into the Emperor, and thus the royal succession was successfully settled. Nya and Angelo flew toward windows, Thatcher climbed the tapestries, and Hang and Arastina found that the doors (which the staff had been using continually throughout the banquet to serve food and drink) were mysteriously locked, presumably from the inside since no one on the outside had a key to them. No one in the party had noticed this either.

In order to calm the crowd the Annoying Adviser emitted a blast of electricity and turned 16 nobles into little piles of ash. This did succeed in getting them all under their chairs.

Nya came to Arastina’s rescue and picked the lock on that particular door. The guards came in, and Nya and Arastina went out. At about the same time Hang succeeded in battering down his door; the guards came in right over the top of Hang.

Nya and Arastina made a run for it. The Annoying Adviser pursued, and beat them to the palace gate using some sort of teleport magic. Nya flew on, and Arastina told the AA that Angelo had the orb – at which point he began trying to kill her. Nya returned, and while Angelo restored Gwydion and Azura to their right minds Nya and Arastina dueled the AA. Hang had hit a dead end, retraced his steps, and run toward the entrance to the palace, arriving on the scene at about the same time that Azura, Gwydion, Thatcher, and Angelo entered from a different direction.

Hang was the first to die, blasted into ashes by an Orb of Electricity. The AA turned into a blue dragon, which surprised exactly no one, and after some more combat attempted to seize Angelo and fly off. Angelo escaped with his own teleport + a transformation; the dragon landed in a position where most of the party was in a line, and offered to exchange their lives for the Orb. Angelo declined (who trusts an evil dragon?); the dragon emitted a bolt of lightning; and Nya, Arastina, Cleopatra, Thatcher, and Gwydon all died painful deaths.

Azura and Angelo fled into the palace as the corpses dropped to the palace courtyard. The Orb of Metallic Dragons offered condolences of a sort, keeping the souls from ascending to the hereafter.

2015 Jan 19
Goodbyes of a sort, and hello

Personal Growth

After several months of research, Angelo devised a spell which solved the problem of the multiple personalities. The spell did not remove or transfer the alter egos, but rather merged them into the original personality, which dominated the new mind. As it turned out there was no second soul involved, just a second mind.

The spell worked.

  • Angelo gained Warblade weapon proficiency and two Int-based class features from Esmerelda.
  • Arastina gained Fighter weapon proficiency, Dwarven weapon proficiency, and two feats from Berrona, the two feats being Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot.
  • Nya gained the abilities of a first level Warmage from Harmony.
  • Thatcher gained the abilities of a first level Ardent from Huck.

The party found tenants to lease their farm and set off with the dragons and Cleopatra to find Gwydion, guided by Divination spells cast by Angelo. The spells led them to head towards the capital of Tiaadan.

Hang Ten

The party crossed into Tiaadan through Ferin Shay. As they were almost ready to exit the town, they heard a commotion behind them, and turned to see one running man with a glaive being pursued by 9 men with bastard swords. Nya decided the pursuing men were Not Nice and, acting quickly, turned the glaive bearer invisible and whispered to him to step aside. The pursuers ran out through the gate, passing right by the party.

Nya appeared shortly after the glaive bearer reappeared. A quick trip found them a tavern table. Introductions were made, the sad tale of the death of Lord Ferdinand was told, and after some debate in Elven Hang was allowed to join the party for the rest of their journey to the capital. It appears, much to the dismay of Thatcher, that Azura killed Lord Ferdinand, which means that Hang intends to kill Azura to avenge his late lord.

A couple of hours out of town the 9 men with bastard swords caught up to the party. Insults were exchanged, battle commenced, and the party dispatched their foes with dispatch. One prisoner was taken; interrogations revealed him to be a low information mook, and he was left in a tree to be subsequently eaten by a bear. It is to be hoped the poor bear did not develop indigestion.

Cooking at the palace

Upon arriving at the capital and securing lodging, the party learned from Divination that Gwydion might be found at the palace itself. Leaving the dragons inside a Rope Trick, the party went to the palace and sought employment as cooks. Having been hired by the most annoying adviser ever, the party began working in the kitchen preparing a meal for a royal feast for the nobility. On her way to the wine cellar Arastina spotted Azura working among the wait staff. This information was passed to the others, in Elven to leave Hang ignorant. It is thought that perhaps Gwydion is also there, but Arastina did not spot him.

2015 Jan 14
A Party Divided

At the end of the last session Gwydion was kidnapped by Lunar Ravagers, with two carrying him off and two lying dead on the forest floor. This session began with the party split in two.

The Adventures of the Four (the Eight?) Part 1

On the way to the Shyr residence, the party encountered two medium giants. As Will saves had it, the only person in their right mind was Arastina, the rest of the party being possessed by their alter egos. Arastina proceeded to display near-total ineptitude which was exceeded by Esmeralda’s total ineffectuality. Fortunately, Harm and Huck rose to the occasion and Astral Constructs and Scorching Rays saved the day.

The rest of the journey passed uneventfully. Arriving at the Shyr residence they were introduced to Artemis Shyr, Angelo’s father, who found everything about the alter ego swapping fascinating – the actual persons involved were not so interesting. He was unable to offer a solution to the dual persona problem.

The scene then shifted back to Gwydion.

The Adventures of the One (the Two?)

On the first morning after capture, Rayntheor awoke rather than Gwydion, and the subsequent confusion meant that the escape attempt was a failure. The next morning Gwydion awoke, but he was carried into the camp of the Vernal Lord. After an exchange of pleasantries, Gwydion challenged the Lord to a duel, and although he acquitted himself with honor and struck several powerful blows, he was defeated – and then a foul enchantment was laid upon him, and he lost all memory of his past life.

The Adventures of the Four, Part 2

After a few weeks the dragon eggs hatched. The dragons were as follows:

  • A male silver named Bright.
  • A male Brass named Hutz.
  • A female Bronze named Glory.

The four decided that they could not rescue Gwydion since they did not know where he was. Angelo’s suggestion that the first priority was to rid themselves of the alter egos carried the day, and the party decided to travel to a city in Kadesh where a university specializing in Enchantment was located. In order to hide the dragons, it was decided by Nya’s suggestion to purchase a farm, and this has been done.

Nya did send a letter to her brother Garnet asking for his help in locating Gwydion, and telling him approximately where we were headed.

Chapter 2: Session 2 - Sudden storms, Cities, and Shadows

Having survived the encounter with what could only be described as not right hogs the party pressed on deeper into the Kharak Wastes. A few days of traveling pass without

Chapter 1: Session 5 - The family reunion conspiracy.

After they defeated the kobold druid and his warren the party decided the best course of action was to research the journal they found at some of the academies in Kadesh so they set out for the shared city of Ferin Sha. As they drew closer to the city they noticed a large caravan heading for the main gate. Electing to try and enter a bit faster by entering through one of the secondary gates they are only briefly questioned by an uninterested guard and proceed into the city. Finding lodging and starting the search for better martial equipment Thatcher spotted a very familiar face, the face of his lost sister.
Following this person reveals that it is indeed Thatcher’s sister but she manages to slip away in the crowd that had gathered to welcome the crowned prince of Tiiadan. While being held by the soldiers in the area and arrow strikes the prince with great precision leaving him perilously close to death. After being interrogated by a high inspector and revealing that they had a past link to the shooter but not revealing that they think the shooter was Thatcher’s sister, they are told that the city is closed and nothing will be let out or in.
Returning to their inn the party rests for the night and attempt to finish their shopping the next day but are interrupted by a man with a grievance to air. Unfortunately he decided to air it with explosives and destroyed one of the bridges between Kadesh and Tiiadan in the city. This drew the party into an situation where if they ever wanted to get into the Kadesh side of Ferin Sha they would have to ensure the bridges where safe before they would be reopened. This led them into the murky realm of local rebellious groups. Finding out that Thatcher’s sister Azura could possible be working for one of these groups they set out. Finding one group with a grudge against the prince because they wanted his sister on the throne the once again encountered Azura, who proved just how effective she could be with a bow by putting down both Thatcher and Nya with one shot each. After an intense fight she was finally subdued and they party found out that the group that hired her was basically a front for the Garrison commander to eliminate the prince. As Gwyidion and Angelo relayed their findings to the Royal Guard accompanying the prince the rest of the party made sure that Azura wasn’t going anywhere.


XP for this session and last session (Includes all Kobold warren encounters)


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